Time To Do More Webinar Series

Join us for one or all of our upcoming webinars focused on providing you with the information and tools needed to Do More.

October 21

The New Trimble ZX5 Multirotor UAS

Wondering what the new Trimble® ZX5 Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) can do for you? Learn about ZX5 UAS key system features, tips for data collection and review sample datasets.

Level: Intro
Presenters:Marten Durie, Carl Thompson

October 28

TBC Power Hour: How to Integrate Total Station, Level, and GNSS Data

In this webinar, we will cover different workflow scenarios for combining locally scaled total station data with WGS-84 based GNSS observations. Learn best practices for conducting survey data transformations and combining optical and GNSS data into the same Trimble Business Center software project.

Level: TBC Software User
Presenters: Boris Skopljak

November 4

Integrated Surveying - A case study in the ultimate data collection and processing project.

What happens when you take a Trimble R10 GNSS receiver, UX5 UAS, TX8 3D scanner, V10 imaging rover and a full suite of software to a beautiful island to capture a world heritage site? Join us and explore the results and get tips and tricks for processing different datasets to create the most complete deliverable possible.

Level: Intro
Presenters: Richard Hassler, Jason Hayes

November 11

A building renovation project using 3D scanning : from field collection to 3D modeling in SketchUp®

Explore how le FabShop in France benefited from Trimble 3D technologies when starting a building renovation project in Paris. While designing a new 700m² office and workshop space to be opened to public in a multi-story vintage building, numerous challenging questions were raised: structural aspects, space organization, regulatory considerations. In this webinar, the complete workflow is being discussed: scanning with Trimble TX8 3D laser scanner, processing data in Trimble RealWorks and 3D modeling using scans within SketchUp®.

Level: Intermediate
Presenters: Gregory Lepere, Jason Hayes

November 18

TBC Power Hour: Integrating Survey Data and GIS Data in Trimble Business Center

Join us each month for a live webinar to learn about a different workflow in Trimble Business Center office software. Log on, see a live step-by-step demonstration, and submit your questions to the presenter live.

December 2

Trimble V10 Point Clouds From Pictures: Data Capture and Processing Demonstration

In April, we announced the ability to create point clouds from pictures using the innovative Trimble V10 imaging rover and Trimble Business Center desktop software. In this webinar we will go through an example dataset from Bournemouth, England and give you guidance on how to capture the best data and tips for optimal processing in TBC.

December 9

The Trimble UX5 HP UAS: See the Power of High Precision Aerial Surveying

Learn about the new Trimble UX5 High Precision (HP) fixed-wing UAS. Find out how the high performance Trimble GNSS receiver with PPK technology and new 36 MP, full-frame, high resolution camera can benefit your survey workflow. See a case study from a mine in Spain and more.

Level: Intro
Presenters: Maarten Durie

December 16

TBC Power Hour - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Processing and Deliverables

This webinar will explain how TBC and a Trimble UX5, UX5 HP or ZX5 provide a reliable photogrammetric system to deliver professional grade deliverables - without requiring users to have specialized photogrammetry knowledge or experience.

The following TTDM webinars from the April 2015 Geospatial division product releases are available for download below.

Webinar 1

Do More: New Trimble S-Series Total Stations

Learn about the new instrument. See a complete workflow including VISION and SureScan technology used to produce powerful point clouds, surface models, panoramas, and more. See Locate2Protect in action and the benefits of online equipment management with InSphere.

Webinar 2

Do More: The New Trimble R8s Scalable GNSS Receiver
See how a configurable and scalable GNSS receiver can give you exactly what you need in the field today, and the security to evolve for tomorrow. Preview Trimble Access field applications that will save you time and money.

Webinar 3

Point Clouds From Pictures and More Using the Trimble V10 Solution

You can now use the innovative Trimble V10 Imaging Rover to create point clouds in Trimble Business Center and 3D models using SketchUp. See the process workflow and examples from all over the world.

Webinar 4

Trimble Business Center Field-to-Finish Workflows

Get an overview of survey design capabilities enabled in TBC v3.50. Learn about turning your 2D CAD into 3D models, integrating your non-digital leveling and total station observations into current projects, and how you can create and plot final survey designs and drawings using highly automated workflows.

Webinar 5

RealWorks 9.1 – New Workflows and Enhancements for Productivity and Modeling

Join us for a webinar to learn about tank inspection functionality and reporting, as well as construction workflow tools we've added to RealWorks software v9.1. The new functionality allows easy creation of floorplans, 2D and 3D models, and analyzes flatness of floors. And, modeling enhancements for pipe runs and facilities allow for greater productivity as industrial facility pipe modeling and piping orthophotos for floor plans are now quickly generated.